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You Better Belize It!

I just returned from spending 4 days in absolute paradise. I and two of my friends flew to Belize for a quick girl's trip. This is the second time I visited Belize and more specifically, San Pedro Island. After my 1st trip there almost 20 years ago, I swore that I would retire to San Pedro. Now at 40 and with a re-visit, I still feel that way.

What is it about Belize that is so great? 1st of all, they speak English. Easy! Next, their currency is 2:1 with the American dollar, and most vendors accept dollars and credit cards. Again, Easy! Last but certainly not least, Belize lays claim to the 2nd largest coral reef (1st largest living) in the world. The views, weather, and island life are 2nd to none.

So what would it take to actually live on San Pedro island? Wellllll I'll tell you! Since I visited the island this time as a REALTOR I did some 1st hand research. You have a couple of options for housing; condo or home. Both of these options allow you to rent out when you're away, or of course live there as an ex-pat.

As for condos, I saw two that are amazing. The 1st was called Belizean Coves Villa #3 ($1.1m). This spacious, fully furnished condo is just 3.1 miles North of town. With a private pool, jacuzzi, and beach front views, luxury takes on a whole new meaning. The 2nd property which I visited was Diamante Beachfront suites. This site is currently under construction, but is pre-selling units. As with, Belizean Coves, Diamante ($695k- 795k) comes fully furnished with a private pool, beach access, and Caribbean views. Each of these properties allow for renting and offer property management services.

If you want more space for family and friends to visit, or just don't like the thought of upstairs neighbors, you can buy a home on the island as well. The two properties I've chosen to feature are Casa Amarillo (perfect for my Texas peeps) and Casa Redonda. Casa Amarillo ($895k) is 2,250 sqft with a 225ft private peer. It consists of 2 stories, 5 bedrooms, and 3 baths with a 1,500 sqft deck surrounding a private pool. Seriously? What more could you ask for? Furnished? Oh ya, its that too!

The final property I have chosen to feature is Casa Redonda ($1.499m). This furnished home features 8 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 stories, an incredible 4,300 sqft with 1,800 sqft of outdoor living space. With an infinity pool, 2 sun decks, a 320 ft dock, and views to die for. I'm not sure you or any of your guests would ever want to return home. Speaking of guests, this home is the one of the top rental properties on the island. Talk about an investment!

I highly suggest you try these out for yourself. Jump on the next direct flight to Belize international, take the Tropic Air puddle jumper over to the island, and spend a week in heaven on Earth. Oh and make sure you coordinate all of this and an AMAZING adventure or two swimming with nurse sharks, fishing on the reef, snorkeling or diving Hol Chan Marine Reserve through Brittany Cory with Unpacked Adventures.

As a disclaimer, I am not certified to buy/sell international property as a REALTOR. If you are interested in any of the properties I featured, you may contact Josh Frazier with KW 17 North Global Real Estate (501-600-0424 or 417-793-0241) or for the Diamante property, Kristian (501-226-3500). Please tell them Jenn Patterson with Seven6 Realty sent you!

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