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The Journey of Life

It’s funny how life works. As kids, we dream big! We will be a rock star AND astronaut AND teacher. We just know that time is unlimited and our dreams will become reality. When we get into our teen years, reality starts to set in as we understand the limitations of time. 24 hours in a day; 8 for sleep, 8 for school, and 4- 5 for work. It flies by and our dreams aren’t even a part of these hours. Then the day finally comes when we reach adulthood. This is supposed to be the time when we are living our most desired life. Family, career, travel, homes, and cars should abound with ease and enjoyment. Unfortunately, this isn’t reality either.

So what are we to do? Do we walk around adulthood in a grey haze, depressed that our childhood dreams never came true? Absolutely not! I believe that we are all born with passion and drive to be someone of importance. We want to make a difference in other people’s lives, to be influencers, and to leave a legacy. There is no reason why you can’t do that. You may not have 3 high- profile full- time careers like you dreamt about at 4, but you can be someone worth remembering.

In my life alone, I’ve had 3 major career changes, not jobs, but careers. I started as a retail store and wholesale showroom designer while attending TCU. After about three years doing that, I realized that wasn’t my passion. That was not where I was being lead. I literally walked away from everything at 25 and moved back into my parents' home. It was during that time I met an athletic director at church. We talked about my background as an athlete, my degree, my experience, and my dreams. To be clear, I had zero desire to be a teacher. It’s funny how that works. Sometimes we are placed in situations that we snub our nose at then realize only God could have woven that web that brought us to that moment at that time.

Once I started coaching and teaching, I fell in love with it. I had a passion and desire to serve the kids that I had never felt before. I was willing to work insane hours for little pay because I loved it. I thoroughly enjoyed going to work! I had a few location changes through- out the 13 years, but that didn’t change my passion. Then **BAM** something changed. My heart wasn’t in it anymore. I dreaded going to work. I couldn’t stand the thought of being on that campus. I knew the winds of change were coming.

Events happened that soiled my passion. That didn’t stop me though. God simply opened up another path for me. Real Estate walked into my life like a breath of fresh air. Not only do I get to continue to serve others, but I get to spend more quality time with my kids. I am truly grateful for this latest career change. I have met truly inspirational people and experienced the joy of homeownership from a new perspective.

The saying is ‘the only constant is change’. Keep that in mind with your passions. A paradigm shift in thought may create a whole new passion in your life. Be open to your calling coming in a form differently than what you thought it was. There are many experiences to be had in these beautiful hours we call life. Take them in. Be thankful. Be grateful. Be joyful. You won’t regret it.

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